Protein Coffee

WODFee Protein Coffee is here!

WODFee protein coffee is unlike any other product on the market today, and we can prove it!  We know you care about what goes in to your body, and that is we created the cleanest product on the market (wait, let us prove it to you.)  

We started the product with absolutely no artificial sweeteners.  All of the taste that you recieve is derived naturally from real cocoa, the highest grade Stevia, and REAL coffee.  Check the labels, the other guys don't have real coffee in the product!  That means that the "coffee" taste that you recieve is only created by artificial sweeteners tricking your taste buds -- Gross!

We also derive all of our caffeine from the coffee in our product!  That means that we didn't just create a protein shake that tastes good and add powdered caffeine (beacuse that isn't real coffee.)  That means that the same health boosting properties you from a real cup of coffee are intact in our products.  

Lastly we have the highesly quality whey protein on the market.  Our whey is made from 100% Non-GMO grass fed cows.  That means they can roam freely instead of being locked into stalls and fed they same empty calories you are trying to avoid.  When the cows eat well and are happy, you can eat well and be happy too.  Seemed simple to us.  

Fuel Your Body Wisely

WODFee Protein Coffee is the perfect start to the day!  When you both need to eat and jolt your body into pressing onward, you can be just a few seconds away.  That makes it perfect for anyone who is time crunched in the mornings or skips breakfast all together.  We all know brekfast is the most important meal of the day, so we made it easy and delicious to get in.

WODFee is also perfect for anyone who works out in the morning!  After a workout the body naturally will fatigue and begin to become sore.  Protein works to quickly address these breakdowns and build muscle while caffiene is a naturally soreness fighter.  Two birds one stone as they say.   

WODFee​ Coffee Company

Wodfee produces some of the most unique and concious products on the market today!  We created our line for those who demand more out of their bodies and expect the same from the products they put in.  That's why we have created what we believe (and the numbers don't lie) is the BEST and only REAL protein coffee on the market!

Wodfee Gives back

At WODFee we understand that improving ourselves as individuals is important but also to help improve others as well to help them reach their goals. WodFee gives a portion of sales back to American Veterens who come back home and want to acheive their goals.  Just like WODFee can help you bounce back after a tough workout, so too we hope we can aid veterans with this.
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