WodFee K-Cups
WodFee K-Cups

WodFee K-Cups

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WODFEE: Wodfee is the high energy coffee company built for those who demand more out of their lives, bodies, and workouts! Skip the artificial stimulants and use the one Earth gave us -- coffee!

    DRINK WITH CAUTION: We believe this is the strongest coffee on earth! Made with light roasted beans that contain a bigger kick, this bold coffee blend packs a punch. Stick to one cup!

     FOCUS AND ENERGY: You haven't tried coffee until you have tried this stuff. Perfect for a day's work, a big lift or crossfit WOD, or the just the daily grind. Wodfee's intensity will provide you mental focus and energy for hours. The average caffeine content for an 8 oz cup of coffee is around 95 mg, with the coffee we produce the caffeine content for an 8 oz cup of coffee is around 150 mg.

     BOLD TASTE: Not for the feint of heart, this bold blend is a perfect mix of smooth and bold. We suggest it be drank black, but you do you.

     GIVING BACK: At Wodfee, we give back a portion of all proceeds to helping recovering American vets get back to more normal lives after injuries. We want to help you get on your feet for your challenges, but we understand they our challenges are minor compared to what some have to go through. We try not to forget that when we have problems and challenges in life.

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